Experience a neighborhood Where nature, healthy living and community connect

Located in the heart of the Triad, Welden is a unique living community designed for those that appreciate nature and neighborhood. The 415 gently rolling acres position homeowners within five minutes of quality schools, medical facilities and the local downtown area. Plus, the Welden community will be anchored by a convenient commercial district that provides grocery and retail shopping within walking distance for community members. Welden is designed to display the character and tradition of the land it’s built upon. Shared spaces such as parks and walking trails support healthy, active living. These community amenities along with front porches and wide sidewalks encourage a safe, connected neighborhood atmosphere.

Quality of life is the central focus for the design of welden.

Imagine living where a park, trail or natural areas are

No more than a block or two away from your front door.

The Welden Life


    While the Welden Village retail district will not have a leather tanning shop or a fully operational blacksmith, you will see a lot of similarities between Old Salem and Welden Village ………. a walkable village that has residential housing and retail shops co-existing in the same immediate area. While Welden Village homes will be built […]

  • Welcoming HondaJet Employees to Welden Village

    When the public hears the name “Honda” people identify it with the automobile industry…. the World’s 5th largest auto company to be exact. Here in the Triad, everyone will soon make the link between cars and aircraft! Greensboro, NC is where HondaJet expects to thrive for years to come. Knowing the history and reputation of […]

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Conveniently located in the triad. Great schools. Historic communities. Access to major employment centers. Top-tier hospitals.