Building a Traditional Neighborhood Development

Living in a TND

From the very early existence of this country, Americans have fought for their own piece of land and the right to choose their own lifestyle. Many generations to come would place a premium on owning large parcels of land that allowed you to “spread out” as you worked and played. Even though the need for large parcels to provide food and income are a thing of the past, the desire to have land to “play” on has never changed.

The question is how do you financially balance the cost of land, owning a modernly-featured home and still enjoy an efficient, but healthy lifestyle? Traditional Neighborhood Developments are sweeping across the US because they satisfy most of those wants, needs and lifestyle requirements.

In a true TND, homeowners enjoy access to hundreds of acres to play on, miles of trails to walk and a home with all of the latest design features. Throw in the ability to walk to your favorite local pub, restaurant or grocery store and you have a lifestyle no other type of development can offer.

As for the affordability of owning a home within a TND; a recent economic report in the CEO for Cities publication reported that “houses located in developments with above average levels of walkability command a premium of about $4,000 to $34,000 over houses with just average levels of walkability”. They went on to state “Our measure of walkability reflects the convenience and proximity of having shopping and cultural activities close at hand, as well as the value households attach to mixed-use neighborhoods”.

The quality construction, availability of a commercial and shopping district, the walkability to every part of the development, close proximity to jobs, good schools and medical centers is exactly what a true Traditional Neighborhood Development provides.

Welden Village is a true Traditional Neighborhood Development. It’s located in Kernersville which is right in the heart of the Triad. Our goal is to provide you with a home and lifestyle that fits your needs.

Please contact us for more information on what Welden Village has to offer.

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