Good Health Care – An Important Part of a Thriving Community

Healthy Living at Welden

By Angela McGavisk of Allen Tate Realtors

As you are washing your dishes you look out of the window and see your son speed by on his skateboard.  He seems to get faster and faster every single day – and every single time you see him on the skateboard you get that nauseous feeling in the pit of your stomach.  You want to tell him to get off of that thing as you know how dangerous they can be, but also know that boys will be boys, so you don’t say anything to him. While you want nothing to happen to him, you feel secure in the fact that if he should walk in one day with a broken arm, the local emergency room will make sure that he is taken well care of.

Having access to quality healthcare for all of its members is a vital part of a healthy community.  Here in the Triad, Cone Health, a private not-for-profit organization has been working to meet that goal for over a century!

The idea for the Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital began in 1911 when Bertha Cone, the newly widowed wife of Moses Cone, created a trust fund to build a hospital in Greensboro, NC.  It was clear that the intention of this hospital was to be there to serve its community, given the trust fund originally stated that “No patient should be refused admittance because of an inability to pay”.  The Moses H. Cone Hospital finally opened in 1953 and has been striving to provide exceptional care to its patients since day one.

Today, Cone Health encompasses over 100 facilities, including 6 hospitals.  The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital is the organization’s flagship facility.  It is the largest and most comprehensive medical center within its five-county region, and includes a 563-bed teaching hospital, a Level II Trauma Center, and has 4 Centers of Excellence!

Through the use of these facilities, and other community resources, Cone Health is working to build healthy communities by aligning their resources to meet the identified needs of the communities within which they operate.

With the Moses H. Cone Memorial hospital being less than 20 miles away and having multiple other Cone Health locations right within Kernersville, the residents of Welden will have ample access to a great quality of care when they need it.

If you want to see how Cone Health is specifically serving your community you can view their annual ‘Report to Our Communities

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