Healthy Living at Welden

Healthy livingThe growing trend for many Americans has been to develop a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. Many join gyms as others look for places to run or walk for stress relief and exercise.

The growing trend in housing developments is to provide those types of amenities for homeowners, within steps of their front door. A community pool can’t always answer the stress relief and exercise that most people require now. A neighborhood that provides walking trails, playgrounds, parks and exercise facilities are the REAL neighborhood amenities. Neighborhoods that provide walkability to shops, drugstores, restaurants and grocery stores have actually been shown to boost physical activity on a daily basis and improve the overall health of their residents.

Recent studies by The American Diabetes Association show that people who live in neighborhoods that encourage residents to walk more have a substantially lower rate of obesity. The Journal of Transport & Health also stated, “that residents in compact communities experienced lower rates of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and asthma.”

There is more to a healthy lifestyle than the ability to exercise and walk. People are now living longer, healthier lives, and multiple generations are able to spend more years and quality time with each other. Multi-generational living is sweeping the country as more neighborhoods are now being built that provide for it. Being able to quickly check on grandparents, parents and kids because they’re just a short walk away relieves a tremendous amount of stress on our daily lives and schedules. The stress of finding last-minute childcare that you can trust disappears when multiple generations can find suitable housing within the same neighborhood.

When you can visit your family, visit your doctor, go to dinner, the grocery store, the drug store, or the YMCA and never leave the neighborhood, your life becomes more efficient and stress free. Traditional Neighborhood developments such as Welden Village provide all of these amazing, stress-relieving advantages because of its walkability to most anywhere you need to go.

Do you think you might want to get healthier and take some of the stress out of your every day life? Then give us a call, and we’ll build your perfect home in Welden Village!

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