Welden Village_PMS_logo smallWhile the Welden Village retail district will not have a leather tanning shop or a fully operational blacksmith, you will see a lot of similarities between Old Salem and Welden Village ………. a walkable village that has residential housing and retail shops co-existing in the same immediate area. While Welden Village homes will be built with state of the art construction materials and methods, the street scape and some of the designs will remind you of Old Salem.

We that live in the Triad are blessed to be able to take those trips back in time with each visit to Old Salem! This is a Winston-Salem landmark that every new comer should love to tour as well! As you stroll down the cobblestone streets, you are engulfed in the history of the Moravian settlement. Smells of sugar cake from Winkler bakery and Moravian chicken pie from Salem Tavern fill the air, while private residences and gift shops add to the old world charm of the community. There are a variety of activities for all ages that take place here throughout the year. Salem College is located within historic Old Salem and was established as an all women’s college in 1772. It is a 4-year liberal arts school and ranks as the oldest women’s college in the U.S.. Total enrollment for the college is around 1,100 students. As a Salem College graduate, I personally have special memories of this place! I absolutely loved my experience as a student there! Welden Village will also be just a short reach from some of the best schools in the Triad! Even though there will be a lot of similarities, Welden Village will not have a blacksmith or cobblestone streets …………. but we will be bringing back “The Village”.

Lindsay Brandon

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