Welcoming HondaJet Employees to Welden Village

Biking-2When the public hears the name “Honda” people identify it with the automobile industry…. the World’s 5th largest auto company to be exact. Here in the Triad, everyone will soon make the link between cars and aircraft!

Greensboro, NC is where HondaJet expects to thrive for years to come. Knowing the history and reputation of Honda, the benefit to the Triad may be immeasurable. This exciting company currently employs 1,700 people. The local industry employs over 5,000 and another 8,000 in local and regional suppliers of parts, materials and services, so needless to say HondaJet and the aerospace industry play a vital part in the success of the local economy. Honda Aero, which makes engines for HondaJet, recently announced plans to spend 21 million dollars in an engine manufacturing facility here in the Triad and that certainly makes a statement that HondaJet is here to stay.

Welden Village, one of the Triad’s newest developments is proud to welcome HondaJet as well as all the new aerospace support companies to the area. We hope the exciting Traditional Neighborhood Development lifestyle at Welden Village provides the perfect place for you to call home!

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